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Cynthia's Choice

  • Produced by Atta Chui and Tom Ruffles.
  • Director & Script writer: Atta Chui.
  • Running time: 16 mins.
  • Colour PAL Mini DV.
  • Cast: Jennifer Peachey, Lewis Westbury, Mary Green.

Lost and found, love and be loved... Cynthia and Anthony reunite after 8 years of separations. Time cannot change how they feel but has changed who they are. And today, Cynthia has to make a choice...

This is the story of Cynthia and Anthony in La Double Vie.

"Today I have to make a choice. Enough though I don't know how to make one, or what it would mean to us."

A choice for their first life. At least...

"Forget all unhappiness. Forget all happiness as well."

Film festivals

Cynthia's Choice entered 2 international film festivals in 2005:

At the Guernsey Lily Internation Film Festival, Cynthia's Choice won the Highly Commended award.
- "The central peformance was very good... A very intense yet highly enigmatic film about human relationships and the pleasures and pain of love and life choices."

At the AMPS American International Film & Video Festival, it received a Certificate of Merit.
- "This is a mood piece and the low key acting and overall cinematic style suit this well."

At The Phase 4 Fiction Competition 2005, the film was place equal third among 23 entries.
- "Very stylised with excellent acting and beautiful sequences... His visuals are always full of imagination and are often powerful."

In 2006:

At British International Amateur Film Festival 2006, Cynthia Choice was award Silver standard. It was shown at the film festival during 31 March -2 April at Bedford, UK.
- "Photography was good with creative atmospheric and some really inventive shots."

At the Golden Diana Festival 2006 (Austria), Cynthia's Choice received "Diana in Bronze".

Cynthia's Choice was screened at the Golden Knight Festival, Malta, 2006




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Produced by Tom Ruffles and Atta Chui
Written and directed by Atta Chui

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