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Memory Cafe (2001)

  • Producer: Victoria Saxton.
  • Director & Script writer: Atta Chui.
  • Length: 23 minutes.
  • Starring: Rachel Sternberg, Angela Peachey, Christopher Maxwell, Tim Morrison

Screening of Memory Café.

The concept of this film was created after a visit to Café Rouge on Bridge Street, Cambridge.

Memory Cafe was awarded a Silver Seal at International Film & Video Festival 2001 held by IAC (The Institute of Amateur Cinematographers) in March 2001.

An absorbing descant on the realism of memory with a weavening plot. The traditional production style was resumed by scenic location, fine music and a well-written script.
   Kwok Tat Lin, The 5th Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Award

It tells a story of fate, chance and memory. But it is artistically innovative.
   May Fung, The 5th Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Award

You have put together a complex and clever story, and it kept us occupied and intrigued.
   Tony Johnson, Vic Williams, Bob Drake, IAC International Film and Video Competition 2001


Trailer( 2.5 minutes, 5.1Mb, WMV file)
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Poster #2(105K)
Publicity shots
People involved
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Love at first sight is an imaginary tale; memory manipulation is the ironic truth. For those people trapped in the power play between love, technology and fate, knowing the truth is even more painful than living in the dark.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"It is all about fate, isn’t it?"

Karen and Lawrence pass each other outside the café almost every morning. They seem to like each other, yet nothing is happening. One day, Karen meets two researchers who claim to know the secret of memory implant.

"To make Lawrence fall in love with you, all we need to do is to put memories of you into Lawrence’s mind. He will notice you in the crowd immediately. He will think you are the special one he has been waiting for all his life."

The experiment is a huge success. A month later, Karen and Lawrence are living together. But Karen is deeply depressed. Her self-consciousness tells her what they did were wrong.

They have a plan: they decided to run another experiment...

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