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CMW Collections

Over 15 years, CMW has made more than 30 short films. Some of them are actually not short at all.

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Some of our movies can be viewed Online.

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The following collections can be ordered at £5 (5 GBP) each. To order and find out the exact cost including postages, please drop us an email.

The payment method can be Paypal, cheque, cash in an envelop... or whatever that works.

CMW makes non-commercial movies. This online distribution is not for profit making. We hope it provides a convenient means for a wide audience to access our films.

Full list of CMW movies | List of CMW movies in Chinese | Watch CMW movies Online

V1 - Memory series: 15 Minutes, Memory Cafe, Memory Chase    Total: 48 minutes
Although unrelated, these 3 films share the same theme in common: memories. Award winning short film 15 Minutes tells a tale about a young salesman reflecting on his life when he encounters a mysterious girl. In Memory Cafe, a group of scientists conduct a memory experiment and put people's fate in their hands. Memory Chase, Distingished Award winner at Hong Kong IFVA 98, explores how people are haunted by their own memories.

V2 - Crying Origami + Cynthia's Choice + La Double Vie: The Short Film    Total: 52minutes
Scooping 3 prizes at De Drake (The  Dragon) Film Festival (Belgium 2001) including Best Photography, Crying Origami is a poetic film on a beautiful yet heart-breaking subject: paper models that can cry. This compilation also includes 2 short films coming out from the La Double Vie project. They show how stunning cinematography can be achieved by non-commercial filmmakers.
V3 - Star Field + A dream with no colour + Unfinished Novel     Total: 77minutes
During 1994-96, Stella Sher appeared in 3 CMW films. Star Field is the Tour de France in CMW's filmmaking. The script alone took 5 people 9 months to develop. It won The Selected Work in Drama catergery at Hong Kong IFVA 96 and was well received at public screenings in Hong Kong and UK. In Star Field, everyone struggles to find what love is. Intertwining fantasy and real world, love and misunderstanding, trust and betrayal, everything is linked up by a love song on a CD.

V4 - FNF series     Total: 100 minutes
Even in the early days, CMW's productions were ambitious. The Flower-Not-Flower trilogy explores a love triangle relationship from each person's perspective. Each confession only hints how much more one has concealed. Why do they lie? Do they want to hide the truth from each other, or hide the truth from themselves?
V5 - La Double Vie  + Music Video   Total: 65 minutes
A story spanning two time lines and crosses the double life of two lovers... If you can go back in time and re-live your life, can you make the new life a better one?

(Watch music video)

V6 - A Day to remember series: Loving You Is Tragically Beautiful, A Day to Remember, 100% (Out soon)
These films in CMW's early years all touch univeristy life one way or the other.

Full list of CMW movies | List of CMW movies in Chinese | Watch CMW movies Online

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