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Recent News

Cynthia's Choice at Golden Diana Film Festival, Austria

Cynthia's Choice is in competition at Golden Diana Film Festival, Austria. 4 films from England will compete at this international film festival and to be screened, among 59 short films, over 4 evenings from 21st August to 24th August 2006. See Offical Website.

Added on Jan07 - Cynthia's Choice was awarded "Diana in Bronze" in this festival.

La Double Vie enters Oskariada" in Warsaw, Poland

La Double Vie is pre-selected to the Main Contest of the 5th International Film Festival Oskariada in Warsaw.

5th International Film Festival "Oskariada" will be held in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, from 18 to 26 March 2006 at "Bajka" Cinema - Theatre Marszalkowska 138 St.

Oskariada is one of the greatest independent film event in Poland. 30 pre-selected films compete for Grand Prix and other awards.

New project: About a Lyric

The preproduction of this short film had began. We are at the final stage of getting cast and crew together.

A short film under 10 minutes:

A Japanese song playing at a small music shop attracts a young man’s attention.

He first heard this song when he was 15. A Japanese girl played it several times. The song reminds him the days when they were together. They did not really fall in love with each other. They were just good friends. Or at least this is what the young man thought. The Japanese girl did not speak English very well. He never really understood her inner thoughts.

The young man walks to the cashier and asks about the song. The girl at the cashier shows him the CD. She is singing along.

“So you know Japanese.”
“I am Japanese.”
“A friend of mine played no. 2 to me a few times. I never understand what the lyrics says.”
“Listen to my heart.”
“That’s the name of the song.”
“I see… I wish I knew what the song was about.”

If this story interests you, why not contact us and join the team? Key roles include script writing, acting and music composition. There are plenty of opportunities.

New project: Ferry Boat Inn (working title)

When we shot La Double Vie, we discovered an old English Inn called Ferry Boat Inn.

Ferry Boat Inn is one of the oldest English Inns and is famous for its resident ghost. Legend says a young girl Juliet hung herself outside the inn in 1050 AC after her love to a woodcutter was rejected. Her body was first buried next to the inn but now the gravestone is right under the inn due to the expansion of the building.



1045 AD. Juliet hung herself outside Ferry Boat Inn. An angel comes and collects her.

2005 AD. The angel returns, she walks into the inn…

Josephine takes up a summer job at Ferry Boat Inn. At the inn, she meets Vincent and falls in love with him. Vincent does not appear to take the relationship seriously, but we don’t really know what Vincent thinks.

At the closing time, the angel still sits at the restaurant. Everybody else has gone. Josephine engages a conversation with her. They talk about the story of Juliet. Then they talk about Josephine’s relationship with Vincent. Josephine has asked Vincent to come to the inn after the inn is closed. She will return to the college tomorrow. Before she leaves the village, she is going to tell Vincent how much she loves him. The angel looks at Juliet’s gravestone. Josephine is following the steps of Juliet. Perhaps this is the reason why the angel is there.

The angel thinks she has to do something to save the girl...


Although the period scene is not long (one to two minutes), it must be executed accurately to put the film into the right mood. The total running time of the short film is about 10 minutes.

The visual elements of this film is important, so we'll start with Arts Direction. Does the task of constructing a scene dated back to 1045 AD interests you? We need to do a bit of research and get the costume and props right. Let us know.

Calling for actors and crews

If this project interests you, please get in touch.

MTV for Akie's new song

With almost zero amount of preparation, Atta and Akie rented a video camera, ran along the streets of Shibuya and shot a music video for Akie's new song . The MTV was shot on November 3rd, 2005 while Atta was on a business trip in Tokyo.

The filming crew started off at Yoyogi Park, then moved down to Shibuya, shot at a small 1st-floor cafe, and at a music studio.

The clips will also be used in a new version of MTV for Freedom Sorrow (see the current version here).

On return to England, the first challenge was to find a machine that can actually read the tapes as they were recorded in NTSC and some portion were in 24p format. Luckily, Alan Colegrave came to rescure. His new Sony HDV camcorder can record and play in both PAL and NTSC format. Reading 24p format is fine too - with some voodoo no one really understands.

The MTV is expected to be completed by the end of March.

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