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La Double Vie (Double Life)

The editing of La Double Vie (Double Life) is finally finished - 18 months after the principle photography was completed.
  • Produced by Atta Chui and Tom Ruffles.
  • Director & Script writer: Atta Chui.
  • Running time: 62 mins.
  • Colour PAL Mini DV.
  • Cast: Jennifer Peachey, Lewis Westbury, Mary Green.
  • Music: Sasha Liem, Akie Sasaki, Rob Jackson, David Christopherson

Watch clips from La Double Vie online

Film Festivals and Screenings

The 5th International Film Festival Oskariada (Warsaw, Poland)
La Double Vie was in competition with other 30 films at this major independent film event in Poland.

British International Amateur Film & Video Competition 2006 (Offical website)
Silver Plus Award

- "This is a very atmospheric film with an intriguing concept... The story was extremely engrossing with an air of tragedy about it."

Premier screening at Cambridge
Together with CineCam, La Double Vie was shown on Sunday April 30 at Queens Building, Emmanuel College (Programme).

- Although shot entirely on digital video, Chui manages to blend the artful and engaging styles of European and Asian cinema, showing both the confidence and finesse to allow minimalist touches, such as lingering shots of rippling water, that punctuate emotionally charged scenes with moments of stillness. It is perhaps this ability to do so much with so little that constitues the film’s greatest strength. (Read the full review)

The 4th International Festival of Non-professional Filmmakers, Tallinn, 2006
A Special Prize by The Estonian Film Amateurs Union
Festival held at Nation Library of Estonia

About the Film

Shooting entirely on Mini DV, “La Double Vie” is a 62 minutes feature film.

Anthony and Cynthia were teenage lovers. When they reunite after eight years of separation, their feelings towards each other have only grown deeper. However, Anthony is getting married; they both have new and very different lives. But what if they had met again earlier? What if they had a second life?

La Double Vie is the name of an unusual necklace. Legend says it has the magical power to bring a person that second life. When Cynthia holds the necklace she can see herself in a second life – a perfect life in which she and Anthony live happily together. Is it a dream, or only her imagination?

Blending the two time lines and crossing the double lives of Anthony and Cynthia, La Double Vie is a tale of love, fate and self-discovery.

If you can go back in time and re-live your life, can you make the new life a better one?

La Double Vie: The Short Film

The short film version of La Double Vie is, in fact, a film in a film. One of the main characters in La Double Vie is a student in media studies. She makes a short film on the subject of double life. The short film has now been extended into a self-contained version.

Cynthia's Choice

Another short film version of La Double Vie is Cynthia's Choice. From Cynthia's perspective, this is an emotional account of the lovers' life. Or, rather, the lovers' first life. More...


Story Outline
Production Diary
Review by Sam Law in Varsity, Arts, 29.04.06
Watch clips from La Double Vie online
Jennifer Peachey
Mary Green & Lewis Westbury
La Double Vie: The Short Film
Cynthia's Choice

Produced by Atta Chui & Tom Ruffles
Written and directed by Atta Chui

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